Play, Play, Play

For my global school play day, I went to the park with my little cousin. Instead of getting dropped off or driving, we walked and penny boarded instead because we wanted to be more traditional. Back then, many children and parents walked to the park and enjoyed their time together as a family. I wanted to recreate this moment for my little cousin because he doesn’t have anyone to take him to the park like I did when I was younger. Also, I wanted to experience this fun day with him. Spending time with little kids is always my favorite thing because you get to see authentic happiness, joy, and pleasure.

When I was younger, my mom and I would always walk to the park every week and cherish each moment we had together. This was one of my favorite things to do when I was a child because I had so much fun. Just thinking about it made me realize how much I missed it. 

“Play is where they learn to solve their own problems and learn therefore that the world is not so scary after all.

During my childhood, not everything was rainbows and sun shines. I always tried my best to be happy, smile, and to just enjoy every moment in my life. The park had helped me in many ways because it was an escape from everything that was going on in my life. I truly, genuinely felt bliss and contentment going to the park. Also, I learned many lessons that still carry on and play a major role in my life today.

“Play, by definition, is self-controlled and self-directed, it’s the self-directed aspect of play that gives it its educative power. Play is by definition creative and innovative.”

During my play time, my cousin and I brought our penny boards to the park. We skated for hours and had so much fun. It was my favorite moment I had ever shared with him. Also, we fell many times and got hurt. To be honest, falling down and getting hurt was like a thrill because I felt so carefree and felt like I had all the freedom in the world to do anything that I wanted. I loved the excitement and anticipation of everything. It reminded me of the all the times I got bruises and cuts from learning how to skateboard when I was little. When I was little, I was a tomboy and I was always into boy things because I thought they were fun and exciting. Plus, girl things such as barbie dolls and dress up were way too girly for me!

“In risky play, they learn to take risks to experience fear without loosing their heads- a lesson that can save their lives.”

Not only did we penny board, we went on all the park amenities. I had gotten so many blisters from all the monkey bars, bruises and cuts from falling down into the wood chips, and soreness in my legs from all the running, tagging, and catching.  I honestly had the time of my life and it opened my eyes to show that I should go to the park more to let loose and have fun. At that time, I didn’t think about school or the problems I had in my life, just pure entertainment and amusement. 

“Play is where children learn that they are in control of their life, it’s really the only place they are in control of their own life.”

Some lessons that I learned when I was little were to not jump off the swings or you’ll fall on your face, don’t skateboard too fast when turning or you’ll fall off and get a bunch of bruises and cuts, be nice and patient when waiting for your turn or you’ll get pushed off and kids will get really angry at you, don’t run too fast or you’ll trip, it’s better to work together than alone, don’t run up the slide because sometimes you’ll fall down or a kid will accidentally run you over, and wear pants when going down poles because you’ll get a burning feeling on your legs and thighs. These were many lessons that I learned on my own from these personal experiences. I’m glad that I experienced them because it has helped me ever since.

“Play is where they learn to get along with peers and see from others’ point of view, practice empathy, and get over narcissism.”

I strongly believe that teachers should let their students have more play days because it takes away all the stress from school. Also, students need to be reminded that not everything is about school because they should have fun, experience new things, and learn on their own as well. From personal experience, I always get stressed out because of school as a result of the pressure from parents and hard classes. Encountering this play day made me more at ease and less stressed out. It made me feel relieved and lively.

As a parent, I want my kids to have as much fun as they can and I want them to have experiences of their own. I want to be the parent that their kids can tell them anything in the world and I want to be the parent that doesn’t stress them out, but help them as well. I don’t want to be the parent that makes them only think about school or that their life only revolves around school. Yes, school is important but not everything is about school. There are lessons that need to be learned. There are experiences that children need to go through to help their everyday life. There are problems that they have to battle through to remind them that they are strong and independent and that they can get through anything. Simply, these experiences are a one in a life time and can’t be taught at school but by through their own interactions.



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